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    Site Rules

    The following behavior is not allowed on and will result in disciplinary action up to and including being banned from the site. Rules are not restricted to their literal interpretations, so use your own judgement if it's not specifically mentioned. Discussion on a variety of topics is encouraged, but if you seriously need to go through these rules in detail trying to decide if a topic you have in mind is allowed or ot, then please use common sense:

    1. Pornography of any type (This includes any image with a form of nudity. This also applies to sigs & avatars).

    2. Promotion/Advertising of other commercial sites for the purpose of personal gain. (Spamming)
    - This includes referral links anywhere but int he 'referrals' user forum (posting links in sigs and other forums doesn't fly)

    3. Gambling (This includes establishing of sports "pools" in which real money or merchandise (games) are required to participate.)

    4. Trolling (thread crapping) and/or excessive profanity.
    (This includes bypassing the site content/language filter).
    NOTE: The forums are categorized to avoid clutter, please keep this in mind when posting (selling items means posting them in their appropriate forums and/or marketplace, not in general. This includes 'disguised sale' threads in general for example

    5. Sexual Harassment and Hate Speech

    6. Falsely Inflating Feedback.

    7. Giving/Receiving Feedback for any of the following:
    a. Face-to-face trades with friends/family members.
    b. Free items (you pay shipping trades).
    c. Services rendered (sigs, custom work, etc.)

    8. Threatening users in any way, shape, or form. (flaming)

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